Keys2Work puts in place the region's first workplace entrance exam. Partnering with Goodwill and other workforce development leaders in southwestern Pennsylvania, Keys2Work helps employers identify the academic skill requirements for specific jobs and matches these requirements to a pool of students and job seekers who have already been assessed using the powerful Work Keys system. Keys2Work uses Internet technology to deliver to employers lists of pre-qualified applicants from Goodwill and Career Links as well. as regional high schools, post-secondary schools, and community-based organizations as soon as a skill match occurs.

As a Keys2Work participating employer, you will:
  • Access a pool of applicants that newspaper posting and advertisements are unable to reach.
  • Receive lists of pre-qualified candidates matched according to skill levels, career interests, geography, and education level.
  • Receive resumes from students and job seekers responding to job matches from their "You've Got Jobs" mailbox at
  • Promote your organization and your jobs to large target populations looking to enter or reenter the workplace.
  • Send a clear message about your skill requirements to the education and training community
The benefits to you as an employer are:
  • Significantly reduce recruiting time. We provide you with lists of prequalified applicants within days. You don't have to wait!
  • Reduced recruiting costs.We bring pre-qualified job applicants to you, quickly reducing your newspaper ad costs, TV, radio, job fairs, etc.
  • Reduced costs associated with new hires. By considering, pre-qualified applicants, you spend less time and money screening and interviewing unqualified applicants.
  • Reduced training costs. Hiring better qualified applicants means less training expense and less time needed to learn new jobs.
  • Significantly increased productivity. Less down time and overtime associated with under-staffing and under-skilled employees.

For more information call 412-390-2197 or click here.


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