Helping people overcome barriers in order to achieve employment is the core activity of Goodwill Industries. Over the years, our innovative welfare-to-work and community employment programs have worked closely with hundreds of employers to help thousands of men and women find jobs and discover the invaluable benefits of self sufficiency and self esteem - Building our Community ... One Job at a Time. Goodwill operates numerous programs to assist individuals in obtaining employment. To that end, Goodwill is a partner in Team Pennsylvania CareerLink. Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh operates a Mini-Career Link site providing universal access to all job seekers in a one-stop environment in which they can apply for jobs online. These services include:

  • Basic Skills Assessment - Measures candidates' abilities to perform or learn tasks and skills related to particular jobs.
  • Interests / Aptitudes - Helps candidates learn about their job preferences and aptitudes.
  • Vocational Evaluations - Job simulation tests evaluate candidates' responses to specific work situations.
  • Career Consulting - Assistance and guidance to help candidates determine what actions to take for their career planning
  • Job Placement - Connects candidates with employment opportunities.

For more information, call 412-390-2197 or click here.

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