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A Message From the Chairman and President

The final year of the 20th century (as calculated by some) was another successful and eventful year for Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh. The scope of our employment-related activities continued to expand and the organization continued to grow in both operations and human service programs.

Virtually everything we do at Goodwill is related to employment. However, the people we serve are uniquely individual. They come to Goodwill from different backgrounds and family situations with distinctive skills and abilities, determined to overcome their specific barriers to employment. A major part of Goodwill's mission is helping clients utilize the right combination of integrated training and employment programs that will set them upon their individual paths to achievement. Their movement through that process - which extends from assessment and evaluation, through training and education, to job placement and employment assistance - is the basis for this year's annual report theme -Pathways to Success.

In the following pages we present profiles of six individuals who have found their particular pathways to a better life through Goodwill. Also included is a special "pathway profile" on our retail stores, which describes how vitally important your donations of clothing and household items are to Goodwill. The stores are the backbone of our organization and donations are the lifeblood of the stores.

It was indeed an exciting and extremely busy year for Goodwill, a period of change, growth and accomplishment that included the opening of three new retail stores, the establishment of a children's day care center inside our headquarters building, our first steps toward utilizing the power of the Internet, and our deep involvement in the creation of the CareerLink employment resources program.

In 2001, we will mark the 82nd year of Goodwill's presence in this region. As we approach that milestone, Goodwill remains committed to its mission of helping people with special needs - individuals following their own particular pathways to the benefits and self-esteem of employment - and to working with employers to encourage the hiring and on-the-job accommodation of people with special needs.

As always, we are very grateful to the many people who make it possible for Goodwill to carry out its work. We thank those who donate items for our stores, who contribute financial support, who volunteer their time, who utilize our business operations, and who hire our clients. In particular, we thank the more than 800 employees of Goodwill in this area for their hard work and their exceptional dedication to those we serve.

James M. Droney, Jr.

Dr. Robert S. Foltz         


Pathways to Success


Cindi Lyman

Cindi's path has taken her from a shelter for abused women to a place of safety and stability for herself and her children and into a good job.

"At the Shelter, the house mother asked me to pretend she was a genie and could grant me three wishes. I said I would like a safe place to live,and I would like to have a better education so I can provide for my children, and that I wanted a good job to support my family. So far, my wish is coming true!"

Returning to Pittsburgh after her rocky marriage ended in South Carolina, Cindi and her three young children wound up in a shelter in McKeesport. Her house mother referred her to Goodwill's H.E.A.R.T House program for homeless families, which provides temporary housing, career counseling, education, training, and job-placement assistance. (H.E.A.R.T stands for Housing, Education And Rehabilitative Training). Cindi was already a high school graduate when she came to Goodwill, so she was enrolled directly in the Goodwill Employment Training Center (GETC), our state-licensed private school which offers curriculum-based career education in several different fields. She successfully completed the GETC's Word Processing Clerk course. With the help of Goodwill's employment specialists, Cindy landed a part-time job in the Medical Records Department at West Penn Hospital.

Moses Roberts

Moses discovered his personal path to rehabilitation and employment in Goodwill warehouse and distribution center for contract-related goods.

"Don't be afraid to take the first step or to try something new. You never know where it might lead, and it will probably lead you to something great that you never expected."

After several significant traumas in his life, Moses experienced severe anxiety and difficulty interacting with people. He chose Goodwill as his provider of rehabilitation services because he wanted to work in a shipping and receiving warehouse environment. Moses and his counselor agreed this was an appropriate way to reintegrate him into the world he had abandoned several years earlier. At Goodwill, Moses received Personal Work Adjustment Training through a contract with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. While he was still a Goodwill client, he began providing support and training to other participants of the Work Stabilization Program, persons who were homeless and looking to reenter the world of work. Based on his personal progress, Moses was offered a full-time job with Goodwill, working in shipping and receiving. In that position, he has continued to provide training and support for clients, helping them establish goals and objectives that will lead to self-sufficiency. Today, just a few years after coming to Goodwill as a client, Moses supervises the warehouse and shipping operation and trains others to follow in his footsteps.

Shannin Jones

Shannin's path has taken her from welfare dependency to a full-time job at West Penn Hospital.

The mother of three sons, Shannin came to Goodwill through the City of Pittsburgh's Single Point of Contact (SPOC) program, which partners with Goodwill's Workforce Development Center. As a recipient of welfare benefits, she was finally referred to SPOC by the Department of Public Assistance. After evaluation and career-interest testing at Goodwill, Shannin entered the Medical Office Clerk program at the Goodwill Employment Training Center. During her training, Shannin completed a paid work experience at "Goodwill Computers," our retail store for donated computers on Carson Street. She also held a one-month externship at Mercy Hospital. In August 1999, Shannin accepted a full-time position as a Medical Receptionist with the Internal Medicine Department at West Penn Hospital.

"The first things I thought were "Can I do this?"and "Do I have the time to do this?" But I got a lot of support from Marge (SPOC case manager Marge Reed). She always there encouraging me and showing me how to make it."

Ken Himes

Ken's path has been intertwined with Goodwill for many years, as a resident of one of our group homes and as a participant in several Goodwill training employment programs.

"I've been here (at Goodwill Domiciliary Care Home) a long time. I have my own room where I can keep my own things. I keep to myself a lot of times, but it is a good place. I like it here. "

Ken lived at Polk Center for many years, and, as an outpatient in Western Psychiatric Hospital's rehabilitation program, he lived in several transitional housing situations before coming to Goodwill. Ken was referred to Goodwill in 1986 by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and became a resident of one of our two Domiciliary Care Homes, which provide a family-like atmosphere for men and women with mental retardation. With the help of a Goodwill job placement specialist, Ken landed a job as a bagger at the Giant Eagle supermarket in the Wharton Square shopping center on Pittsburgh's South Side about five years ago. Continuing to work towards his goal of achieving his GED, Ken attends classes in Goodwill's Adult Basic Special Education program twice a week.

Tonia Copeland

Goodwill's Good Start Child Care Center is helping Tonia progress along her path from welfare dependency toward her goal of self sufficiency and employment.

"You have to be self-sufficient to have enough self-esteem to make it for your family. I want to make life better for me and my kids."

Referred to Goodwill through the Pennsylvania Department of Public Assistance, Tonia is now in the final independent study and job-search phase of the Medical Word Processing Program at the Goodwill Employment training Center (GETC) One of Tonia's five children - three year-old Tonisha - is enrolled in Goodwill's new Good Start Child Care Center, located in the same building where Tonia attends classes at the GETC. As she approaches graduation, Tonia works with her Goodwill case manager and prepares to apply for a job in the medical billing and transcription department of a hospital.

George Edwards

George's path has taken him through several different jobs and a few setbacks, but with his own determination and the help of his counselor, be now has a job be likes with a job coach who helps him do his best.

"I love this job. I want to stay here for a while. "

George was originally referred to Goodwill Industries of Fayette County by the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in 1988. At Goodwill he received training and worked in the Business Division's sheltered workshop. With the help of Goodwill counselors and job-placement specialists, he has worked in several different settings - as a bus boy at a Holiday Inn, baling cardboard and helping on a truck at the Goodwill/Fayette Recycling Center, as a retail clerk at the E & G Gabriel's discount store, and doing laundry and kitchen work at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. Through the efforts of his OVR counselor who pushed for special funding, George got his current job as a janitor with United Service Industries, which provides contract services for Montgomery Ward in Laurel Mail in Connellsville.

Board of Directors


James M. Droney, Jr., Chairperson
David G. Reese, Vice Chairperson
Donald T Menovich, Treasurer
Walter P. Day III, Secretary
Dr. Robert S. Foltz, President


Robert L. Allman, III, Esq.
L. Blaine Boswell
John A. Buchanan
Lutitia A. Clipper
Jerome Cochran
Charles R. Cox
Karyll A. Davis
J. Ardie Dillen
Dale B. Duff
Paul E. Fitting
Joan L. Gulley
Jane Haney
Heather S. Heidelbaugh, Esq.
Donald L. Kalkbrenner, Jr.
Russell R. Kememer
Bishop Hae-Jong Kim
Regina M. McDonald
Rev. Martha Orphe
Dr. Mary H. Page
Nathan K. Parker, Jr.
Janet L. Rich, Esq,
Eric C. Schorr
Gregory B. Shepard
Gregory R. Spencer
Raymond Howard Steeb, III
Gail S. Ulrich
William D. Walston, Jr.
Toni Weston
Jay D. Zelezniak

Honorary Life Members

Donald C. Burnham
Elliott W. Finkel
James C. Roddey*
Richard M. Scaife*

*Special Recognition

James Roddey and Richard Scaife were recently recognized as Honorary Life Members of the Board of Directors of Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh. We express our sincere gratitude to James Roddey and Richard Scaife, both of whom are long-time friends of Goodwill and highly regarded civic and community leaders, for their many years of dedicated service on the Goodwill Board of Directors and for their personal commitment to helping people with special needs. Also, we congratulate James Roddey on his election in November 1999 to the newly created position of Chief Executive of Allegheny County.

Senior Staff

Earl F Fenton, Director of Sales
Robert S. Foltz, President
Patricia L. Petrosky, Vice President of Human Services
Michael J. Smith, Vice President and Director - Goodwill Industries of Fayette County
Michael Sorochak, Controller

David J. Tobiczyk, Vice President of Development and Community Relations
Peter J. Travisano, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer


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